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#1: LOL that was a great commentary fing hilarious gotta love working with drunks in a big city!! see all kinds ..... GG as well

#2: OMG!! U r sooo good!!! And those pictures are so awesome duude! I wonder who has been the cameraman!!!!

#3: Hey BC its madden ide like to play with yall on X-box ive got some gameplay 70-18 and 60-12 but ide rly like you to add me BlubberRouge33

#4: HOLY SHIT!!! thats some crazy shit. it looks like god himself has been teaching u! Verry good stuff. BTW. Thats a verry nice MC u got there.

#5: Hey man nice vid and commentary. I was wondering if you could check out one of my vids from black ops. It's not on my channel but it's in my file share. I am on ps3. Send me a message if you can and want to.

#6: Vittu du e g0va dude...PS ja had så myki stav fel då ja sku skriva på engelska så ja sket i de:D

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