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Today Fri, 25 July 2014, breaking news:
Daily news: Deaf gang held for car theft
Security bodies have detained a gang of deaf over car theft allegations. Tabuk Police spokesman, Lt. Col. Khalid Al-Ghabban, said a citizen notified the police that his car was stolen. Security patrols were rushed to the area and found two deaf persons repainting the car and tampering with its license plates. Al-Ghabban said the police also found a tent with a number of license plates and two ...

Today Fri, 25 July 2014, hot news updates:
Five steps to buying your new car
Avoid making one of the biggest mistakes of your life by following these simple steps. The festive season is around the corner and you want to celebrate it by driving home in a brand new car. It?s understandable, while this ?

Today Fri, 25 July 2014, the hot news:
Consumers disappointed by the latest in-car technologies
The 19th annual JD Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study, which each year attempts to assess how gratifying a new car is to own and drive, finds that when it comes to design, look and feel, consumers are more than happy with their new cars. These ?carryover' cars averaged an APEAL score of 791 out of a possible 1000 points while new models scored an average 805, being ...

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