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Today Wed, 28 January 2015, breaking news:
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With New Update, Yeti Hopes To Compete With Google In Local Search
Capecelatro said that local searches account for 45 percent of all of Google's searches, but the search engine does not incorporate social data or your interests when you search for nearby options. Because Yeti was built specifically for mobile ...

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Today Wed, 28 January 2015, hot news updates:

Mobi vs responsive Web site - Concero IT Press Office
Let's assume you already have a desktop Web site which doesn't work well on mobile devices. It loads slowly and users need miniature fingers to access navigation and buttons, not to mention needing to scroll horizontally and zoom in and out to see what ...

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Today Wed, 28 January 2015, the hot news:

The Complete Guide to Bing Rewards: What Are Bing Rewards & How Can You ...
WordStream (blog)
Bing has steadily increased their U.S. search engine market share in recent years, climbing from 16.3% at the end of 2012 to 18.2% in December 2013. By September 2014, searches on Bing accounted for ... You can choose Shop, Donate, or Win, but cannot ...

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