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Today Sun, 28 December 2014, breaking news:
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The Cure Burger ? a hamburger topped in eggs, bacon and chili ? will be available for one week only, starting on New Year's Day.

Today Sun, 28 December 2014, hot news updates:

Look to the sky Sunday (Dec. 28) to see the moon in a close encounter with the planet Uranus. Uranus is theoretically visible with the unaided eye, but realistically most of us need binoculars to see it. Look just above and to the left of the Moon to spot Uranus, which should have an odd blue-green color unlike any star. Only a very large telescope will show distant Uranus as anything other than ...

Today Sun, 28 December 2014, the hot news:

An ambitious private space exploration project that aims to land a moon-drilling probe on the lunar surface by 2024 now has the money it needs, thanks to a crowdfunding effort that raised more than $1 million for the mission. The novel Lunar Mission One project surpassed its fundraising goal of nearly 600,000 English pounds (about $945,000) this week on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter ...

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