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Today Thu, 24 July 2014, breaking news:
Daily news: Personal budgets won’t help the most vulnerable
Billions of pounds will be taken from health service and town hall budgets and handed over to patients, to the frail elderly, disabled children ... obesity surgery has a host of attendant problems. As well as nutritional and dietary issues, rapid weight ...

Today Thu, 24 July 2014, hot news updates:
Weather service issues heat advisory for carson city region
Impacts of this heat wave include increased risk of heat related illness, especially for the elderly and people more senstive to ... in the area off of North Roop and William Street, also affecting John Street, according to NV Energy spokesman Karl Walquist.

Today Thu, 24 July 2014, the hot news:
Medicaid changes could affect all oregon health care
John Kitzhaber repeatedly touted the anecdote of an elderly woman with congestive heart failure who ... When Murphy ruled out any physical problems, he walked the patient down the hall to a behavioral health specialist. ?Within 20 minutes, she was ...

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