Salman Khan QUITS, Farah Khan To Host The Reality Show - Bigg Boss 8popularity charts. Either it is a spat or a controversy. The latest in the popularity quotient is apna Sallu Bhai getting out of the show. Huh? Did his contract really get over or was it something else. You never know. Knowing Salman Khan very well, the contract could also have been extended. Well, let’s not get into that. Now the new host is Farah Khan of Happy New Year fame. So how much would the viewers take in Farah Khan. Our secret bird surely feels that none like Salman for Bigg Boss. He is the boss and the show went on his shoulders. He had flair to carry it on his shoulders. With him out, we guess Bigg Boss would soon be on the dip, Farah or no Farah. What do you feel priya darshakon?Author: moviezaddaTags: salman khan Farah Khan Bigg Boss 8 Gautam-Diandra Posted: 18 December 2014Rating: 0.0Votes: 0
Sat, 30 November 2013

Tradersreport - bitcoin goes ballistic 1.0 - be24

tradersreport - BITCOIN goes ballistic 1.0
Wenn sie sich den Chart der letzten Wochen ansehen drfte ihnen klar sein, was die Definition einer Spekulationsblase ist. Die Mutter aller berspekulationen wurde in den letzten Wochen geboren. Das Absturzpotenzial hat ungeahnte Hhen erreicht und ...

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