Tips to drive safe on icy road

Whether you’re driving a rental car or your own car, before you leave your house, perform a proper check on your vehicle. Make sure your Tyres are well inflated and are in good road condition. Make sure your car has anti-freeze, the windscreen is clean, the headlights are in working order, and that your battery is tested

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. Now, you have checked your car, you have the extra mechanical equipment needed in case of an emergency, and you’re heading to your destination. But the road is icy. What do you do?

You relax. The trick is to always slow down – even if you’re in a hurry. Don’t drive fast. Should you lose your momentum, it will take your car some effort to regain it, and some major driving skill not to slide it in the process

. Always drive in lower gears to improve power.

Remember to always keep a distance between you and other motorists to allow sufficient distance for braking. If you must brake, do it gently. But, if your wheels start spinning, release your foot from the brakes. Keep the distance at least three times more than your usual following distance. Should your vehicle happen to slide on the ice, don’t steer your wheels in the opposite direction as this might spin your vehicle. Instead, follow the direction it is steering towards, until you gain traction – before slowly correcting the steering.

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