How to get water out of your ear

Water stuck in your ear after a shower or swimming session can be really frustrating due to the humming effect or semi-deaf feeling it causes. At times it can be very painful too even before it causes ear infection. You may follow these simple tips to get the water out of your ear.

(Please note that if the problem persists or pain doesn’t come down, you have to consult a doctor)

How to Get Water out of Your Ear?

1.       Tilt your head sideways so that the affected ear is facing down. Jump up and down for a couple of times, with your head in that tilted position, till you can feel the water draining out. This works well most of the time when there is sufficient water to flow out of the ear on its own

2.       If the above method do not work, use a dropper or spoon to add 4-5 drops of water into the troublesome ear with it facing up. Hold it for two-three seconds and tilt your head sideways so that the affected ear now faces the ground. The added water along with the stuck water should now flow out giving you instant relief. If you are in a pool or shower, do not wait to get hold of a dropper but use your own hands to pour a few drops of water

3.       If it still doesn’t go out, you may lie down in the bed on your side with the affected ear facing down. The water may flow out gradually on its own after a few minutes

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Additional tips

Always use fresh water if you are following method 2 explained above. Bad water getting into the ears can cause ear infection.

If the above methods didn’t work and if the ear is still painful, consult a doctor without any further delay.

Things to avoid

While tilting your head fast, take extra care not to sprain your neck.

Avoid using ear buds, hair dryer or blower, surgical spirit or other liquids in your ear. I have heard of people using Hydrogen Peroxide in their ears to clean them up. A lot of other people use a vinegar and spirit mixture to dry out the ear instantly. We do not recommend any of these methods as nobody can guarantee the concentration of these liquids available at your home and hence how dangerous they can be.

Some people use tricks like plugging the affected ear tight with one finger and suddenly pulling it out. In fact, sudden pressure changes can cause damage to your ear drums and hence avoid the same.

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