Download videos from youtube without idm or youtube downloader

As we all know that videos has become the part of entertaining people in their life .This videos can be of any type such as funny, romantic, social, serials, movies , songs etc which most of the people saw on their TV so that to entertain their mood and get relaxed .Mostly people watch videos on Youtube  and further download videos from software’s available on  the web .There are variety of software’s which will allow you to download videos ,the best among those are the Youtube downloader or IDM (Internet Download Manager)  but the problem among these software’s is that these software’s are not free i

.e. these are available for a limited time period .Hence one will enjoy downloading videos for a limited period and after that no choice will be left  .Therefore the main question arise is how to download youtube videos ?

Thus to overcome the problem of downloading videos there is an effective  way which will allow you have HD videos of your choice ,the only thing you have to do is to install a java software and follow these simple steps as under :

  1. First off all from the browser you are using go to address bar and type www
  2. After the website has been opened ,search for the video which you want to see on youtube
  3. A lot of options will be available for the video which you have searched but you need to select any one from the list available and then play the video.
  4. Now go to the address bar and copy the URL of the video, a picture of this is shown in the picture.
  5.  After copying the video URL, open a new tab and open website named .
  6.  You than need to paste the URL copied from youtube to keepvid download area which is show as.
  7.  After that install the software from that side.
  8.  Then close the browser and open it again and follow the steps from 1 to 7.
  9.  Then click on the download option and a new dialog box will open, click on run option.
  10. At the end you will see that you can download video in any format and in any resolution easily without facing much difficulty.
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Akintonmide: Bro! Not sure if you noticed but IDM doesn't download streaming videos eg putlocker and YouTube and g2g files are heavy OtunbaSula

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